Sex (the play)

By Mae West

Live Broadcast - December 4-19 2020

all showtimes are in Pacific time

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Play Your Part proudly presents Sex, a play with music written by Mae West. Reimagined for the virtual stage under the direction of Isabella Price, this flapper-era drama features live performances from 17 actors from around the country, with original music by Perice Pope and choreography by Sailor St. Claire. The production will be broadcast live December 4-19.


Originally shut down for obscenity after its successful 1926 Broadway run, The New York Times called Sex a “crude and inept play,” as it pushed passed the boundaries of Broadway by shedding light on the life of a sex worker. Following the story of a particularly successful lady of the night (originally played by Mae West), this daring drama explores the Canadian red-light district through a uniquely feminine lens, where sex workers navigate how to move up in a world dominated by men.


Producing for today’s virtual audience, Play Your Part’s production of Sex, will highlight the humanity in these characters as they navigate issues such as assault, mental health, identity and the law. Director Isabella Price’s vision amplifies the disconnect between how sex workers are treated publicly and privately to showcase sex workers as whole people who do not need to be saved, but are empowered to live their lives on their own terms. Play Your Part’s partnership with King County Sexual Assault Resource Center and The Oldest Profession Podcast will connect audiences with resources for sexual assault survivors and sex workers, so that audiences may learn more about how they can support this vital work. 


Sex will open on December 4, 2020 at 6pm PST, and perform through December 19. Ticket holders will receive a link to a private website where the show will broadcast live for each performance. Tickets are a suggested donation and available at starting November 20. Sex contains explicit language and deals with mature themes such as sexual assault, suicide, sex work, extortion, and crime. It may not be suitable for some audience members, and is not recommended for audiences under the age of 16.


The Creative Team:

Directed by Isabella Price

Original Music and Music Direction by Perice Pope

Choreography by Sailor St. Claire

Costume Design by Michael Notestine

Production Design by Isabella Rivera

Sound Design by Kayla Sierra-Lee


The cast includes: Christina Brewington, Kyle Connors, James Grice, Amariss Harris, Michael Malanga, Gregg Mess, Shan Moreno, Amr Nabeel, Christian Élan Ortiz, Nicholas Ramsay, Gloria Tsai, Kenon Veno, Ian Waters, Tony White, Dash Williams and Randolph Wright.


Stage Manager - Dionne Wardrop

Assistant Stage Manager - Alexandra Angelova

Broadcast Engineer - Russell Hay

Videographer - L Fried

Production Manager - Kevin Mikolajczak

Marketing Coordinator - Rachael Langton